A little about me

Hey there, I’m Kelley Rowland. No, not the famous singer. Although I regularly sing magical ballads in the shower.

But seriously, I am a wife to a hunk of a husband and mom to twin tornadoes.  Oh, and I have two furry (and crazy) dogs and an even crazier kitty. So, when I’m not juggling my beautiful chaotic crew you can find me with a strong cup of coffee brainstorming on how to turn my passion into an influential, heart-warming business aimed at inspiring others to do the same.

Sound cheesy? Maybe it is, but I so desire to impact people (yes you sister) in such a way that they not only change their way of thinking, but change their actions as well, so that they are happier, more productive, and purpose filled humans!

I love using my upbeat attitude and endless supply of energy to encourage others to be the best version of themselves by discovering just how much potential and influence they really have. I am so stinkin excited you have landed on this page! If you listen to one of my podcasts or purchase one of my programs and get a feeling of revival and new perspective then it will seriously make me the happiest girl in the world.

So when I’m not creating killer content for you my friend, you can catch me sipping a glass of red wine practicing for an episode of Chopped (I mean you never know!). I’m a girl that could live off chips and guac and rarely get out of gym clothes, unless I absolutely must. I’ll always choose wine over dessert and love spending time with my girls that never fail to light a fire in me.

So that’s just a little tidbit about me. So, if you are still here I hope we can be friends and connect! Can’t wait!