The Miracle Of The Gardner Quad Squad

This the amazing story of how 8 years of infertility ended with Tyson and Ashley having quadruplet girls. The Gardners share their beautiful journey with so much honesty and love.

Tyson and Ashley Gardner are parents of four little girls. You guys, these girls are absolutely adorable. They are two set of identical twin girls and the Gardner family runs several businesses from their home. They pretty much do it all.

Take a look at an excerpt from my conversation with them! 

For those who don’t know you, please share a little bit about who you are and what your journey looked like.

Tyson: We are parents to 2 set of identical twins which is a 1 in 70 million chance. They are definitely miracles we have been blessed with. We are daily vloggers so you can find us on YouTube (and across all other major platforms). Gardner Quad Squad. The girls are 4 years old now, and it has definitely been a journey. 

What does like with quads look like? Tell us about how you found out about your quads and a little about your birth story.

Ashley: We struggled with infertility for 8 years and we tried EVERYTHING. I had stage 4 endomitriosis. We took a break for about a year to finally save up for IVF. Once we pulled that trigger, we were blessed. It was a little bit of a shock – it was surreal. I felt every single emotion a human could feel in that split second when they told us there were 4 in there. 

Tyson: By the time we got to implantation day, we only had 2 eggs. The others had died off. One was Grade A and one was Grade D, I don’t really know what all that means, but he basically told us he just threw that one in there to make us feel better about having 2 eggs. It wasn’t even one they would be able to freeze for the future. We had a 40% chance of having ONE baby. This was our last chance.

 Ashley: If this didn’t work we were either going to have to get external eggs or look at adoption. This was the definition of a miracle. But our pregnancy was pretty eventful. By 19 weeks I was so sick I could barely even sit up. I wasn’t eating and I ended up losing 20lbs that I didn’t really have to lose. 

Tyson: As awful as it was for Ashley, it was stressful for me too because I knew she needed to eat. I’d come home from work  and force her to drink protein shakes. It’s what we had to do for the babies. 

Ashley: The girls were growing perfectly up to this point, but then 2 of the girls developed TTTS (twin to twin transfusion syndrome). Basically one of the twins takes all the nutrients and doesn’t pass any to their other twin. And we almost lost all 4 of them. We had to fly the next day to California to get fetal surgery. I didn’t even know this happened outside of Grey’s Anatomy. They do it though. It’s hard on the babies but it was the only option. They give you 24hrs after surgery to make sure they still had heartbeats. This was the biggest test aof our faith. This ended up bringing so much of our audience and so many of them from different religions and everyone came together with the power of prayer. All for these little babies that no one had even met yet. 

Ya’ll this conversation was too meaningful and heartfelt to put it all into text.

I really encourage you to listen to this FULL episode. The Gardner’s are amazing people and end the episode with some really wonderful life advice. 


You can find the Gardner’s here:

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