Turn You Mess Into Your Message with Genecia Alluora

I had the distinct honor of speaking with Genecia Alluora, Former Miss Singapore, Southeast Asia Woman of Excellence, and Founder of Soul Rich Woman. With a vision to empower 1 Million women, Genecia is passionate about helping her clients take their business from offline to online, building a brand, and becoming leaders to make a positive impact in the world. She wants every woman to own the F words; being Fabulous, having Freedom, and Financial independence. 

Her bio is truly incredible. I can barely wrap my mind around everything she has done!

Genecia, can you share with us a little bit about yourself, your business, and what you’re working on right now?

 I started when I was 14 years old, supporting myself through school by working at a young age teaching yoga. I had to find ways to increase my hours and pay, so I thought about how I can get more yoga teachers at events. I eventually got to a point where I as make a 4 or 5 figure income doing this to take care of myself.

At this time, I was being bullied at school because I didn’t come from money or have new clothes or accessories. One girl ripped my shirt and harassed me in front of others. But I knew my family was why I had to keep going forward. So, I started finding ways to better myself through personal development courses and then began doing public speaking. In 2006 I joined Miss Singapore – and I won!

It really opened doors for me, and I learned so much. I learned to find my voice and my message.  I had to define my platform and decided to form my own image consultant firm. I started teaching CEOs and even politicians. I helped with personal branding, body image, and how they were dressing.

I didn’t want to always trade time for money. In 2011 and 2012 I realized I needed to take my business online. When I did that, I made my first million dollars. I even started a café retail chain, built it up, and later sold when I realized I needed to be more involved with empowering women. 

I began doing Webinar Wednesdays with just my little webcam about how I made my first million dollars. No one was watching these at first. Like, zero people. But I started learning to do marketing and ads. 0 went to 10, 10 went 50, 50 went to 100 and then the rest is history and now we are at 200,000.

Soul Rich Woman is now the largest platform across the region connecting women. We help them to find their voice, find clients, and build their brand online.


What stood out to me was that even at such a young age, you realized that you could scale your business and make more money. How to you learn how to do that? Did you watch someone else do it, or was it just an innate sense that you had?

It was a lot of trial and error. In 2012, being online wasn’t that popular yet. It was still growing. I spent hundreds and thousands of dollars buying courses from around the world to find out what works for my part of the world. I got mentorship from James, who still works with Soul Rich Woman to this day. He knew that after social media, community was the next big thing, and to do it now and not later. We have the Soul Rich Woman Blueprint that we now use for all of our clients.

I love that Genecia was so honest about the trial and error. She was resilient and found out what works. That is so necessary for anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur. 


You mentioned that you were bullied in school and it really hit me. People can be so cruel, and yet you still decided to do Miss Singapore. Why did you want to do try this when it requires so much confidence and self-esteem? 

Well, success is the sweetest revenge. (laughing) But I feel like I am very blessed to have gone through shit in my life. I learned not to play small anymore. I wanted to play big. But I struggled in front of the camera or on the mic. I really diligently did a lot of personal development. Affirmations and associations really helped me break through to go to a better version of myself. I overcame the self-doubt and negative thoughts about who I am. Eventually I conquered the stage.

It sounds like you knew that you didn’t want to play small and you wanted to find you voice. So, you found the biggest and scariest thing you could do where you would be able to conquer that fear.

It opened so many doors for me. I take a lot of self-healing courses. I’ve done “Money and You” and Tony Robbins courses. They helped me open my mind and become a better version of myself. I can help more women now because of my past. Only through that journey and process, your mess becomes your message.  

I lost everything in a failed partnership and had to find out how to grow out of that. I relied on a good support network to get my act together.

When a woman changes her life, her entire community benefits. 


I love ‘turn your mess into your message’. That is so powerful. 

Abundance is just creating space in your life for the good to happen. It means letting go of your past and making space for the new things coming your way.


You said that the opportunity of winning Miss Singapore opened a lot of doors. Can you tell us a little more about that and give this community a little encouragement if they are waiting for something to happen?

The first thing is, what is your why? What is the thing that truly penetrates your heard and sparks you every morning? If you have that, doing something is so much easier. You wont hit the snooze button. It is important to recognize your big why. I want women to have my shortcuts so that they don’t have to suffer. 

The second piece is all about consistency. I spoke on the same stage as Gary V and had a chance to meet up with Cheryl Sandberg. All these opportunities don’t come by sitting behind the computer. It is about showing and saying, ‘Hi, I am here’. It is showing up every day in multiple ways. It is so noisy in the online world, so how can you find your message and be consistent with it, so that people are attracted to you and you don’t have to chase them. 

When you want to show up, show up fully and be present. Find your superpower and own it. That’s where the magic happens.

The WHY is always the most important thing. Be consistent in your zone of genius. Most people give up way too soon, not willing to just keep going.

As Genecia would say, “just keep running until your bank account looks like a phone number!”.

Speaking of money, you obviously had success. But you were mindful about the fact that weren’t aligned with the retail café and needed to make a change. Talk to us about how money isn’t all that matters at the end of the day.

You want something that feels right in your gut. I had the pot of gold to invest in the franchise, but I felt in my heart that something wasn’t right. You want something that just clicks in together. 

I believe so deeply in following your gut, as long as you’re in tune with it.


I know you talk about investing in yourself, so tell us about your biggest tip and what you have learned that we can take action on now. 

Quit thinking and start doing. It is so simple but so difficult. Sometimes we don’t have a supportive group, so you have to find that community who understands you and cheer you on. They can kick your ass and keep you going. 

Find a mentor. I think this is very important to have someone help you see all of your blind spots. You don’t know what you don’t know. 


Many people are terrified to invest in their business or their life that way. What kind of mindset did you have to keep investing in yourself? 

I was in debt and was suicidal. I did not want to do anything. You have to be with someone who has energy and positivity who will get you there much faster.

Get out of your comfort zone and victim mindset. When you are older you don’t want to think back on all of your regrets. The sky is the limit. Believe in yourself and quit playing small. You are a soul rich woman. 


I can’t even comment on that. She said it so beautifully.


Check out Genecia’s awesome downloads to help you outsource to help you function in your zone of genius to scale your business. 

 I did this in my business before I had even made a single dollar and it was the best investment I have EVER made!

 I just love Genecia’s message and I’m so happy to share it with you all!

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