Ways To Live & Love Like Children Do

A friend of mine had just lost a family member unexpectedly, and when you hear of someone passing away before their time, you start think about their life and their family. It reminds me that life is so short and it is so beautifully precious. And I think we’re taking a lot of it for granted. 

So, I want to talk about living like children do.

Not just the idea of having no responsibilities, but all the ways that children live and think and love. These are things that I really believe that we should emulate. I envy the way they don't have any expectations of the world. They have no restrictions, no inhibitions. They forgive, and they love. 

I’m not gonna lie. Our vacation with the boys was 150% better than I ever imagined. ⠀
I thought it would be more stressful and less enjoyable than vacations that just skyler and I have been on. ⠀
Let’s be honest kids can be a handful and well if you know mine then you def know what I am talking about. ⠀
It was truthfully so much fun!! We had a blast and while it had its moments, I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. ⠀
We can wait for our next family vacay! ⠀
I’d love to hear some of your favorite family vacation spots!

But they don’t just love, they love unconditionally.

My boys are so amazing and they show me so much love and no matter what I do. If I have a bad day, or I don't give them exactly what they want, yes, they get upset and maybe they throw a tantrum (they are toddlers, after all). But they still love me. And they show that love openly and freely whenever they feel it. And they love other people. They love everybody. When they see a stranger, when they see a truck, they want to give it a kiss because they simply love and you don't have to earn it. 

That's just the way kids are. Kids don't expect anything out of anybody. They just love and show that love without judgment. Kids don't see race and they don't see gender. They don't see anything. They don't see rich and they don't see poor. And it is the most beautiful thing to behold to watch a child love someone. They show the same compassion and the same emotions towards totally different people, regardless of anything else. They don't care if that person has earned it. 

Kids also forgive and forget.

Remember that spanking they got or the time they got put in timeout for not listening? They move on and almost forget it - like it never happened - and they're right back to loving you the way they did before. As adults, we’re not very good at this, with our spouses especially. But, what would it be like if a person we cared about did something to hurt us, but they truly and sincerely apologized, and then we actually left at the door and moved on from it? It would be such a weight off our shoulders. 

Our young children do not have any inhibitions.

They see the world with no restrictions. They aren't yet molded by culture, parents, society, school, other kids. They are still completely open minded to everything. They see everything. I watch my boys and it amazes me what they can get into, what they can figure out and the fact that they want to figure it out. At their 2ndbirthday party, all they wanted to do was figure out how the air compressor for the Jump House worked.  

How handsome and happy is he?? ⠀
I will never get over how blessed I am!

The sky is the limit. But, as kids get older, little things start happening. People tell you that you can't do this because you have to do this. Or society tells me that this is the route that you should have to go. Or that I should just go to college, get married, get a job, work nine to five, have kids and move on. And there's nothing wrong with that. But when society says we need to fit into this or fit into that, it can start to squash that inner spirit.

Because we just feel as though the world really isn't limitless anymore. I can't go out there and do these things because now I have debt and bills and student loans. Now I'm stuck in this hole and I'm never getting out of it. And it's such a shame because now all these big goals, these big hopes, these big dreams you had has a child are completely dead.  

I will continue to push my children and teach them to open their minds to new things - to look at the world differently and know there is so much out there and that you do not have to get sucked into the mold of other people’s expectations. 

And if I'm going to teach my kids that, then you know what? I better freaking live it.

I hate thinking about anyone dying, and I mourn for the families. But it's also kind of a gut check to make me think. What am I doing with my life? What am I doing with my time? How am I treating my family? How am I honoring my relationships? How am I honoring my faith? How am I honoring the gifts that God has given me? 

Life is so short, and it is so precious. And I feel as though if we live like children do, if we could say yes, and if we could love unconditionally, then we could open our hearts and our minds to a whole world of new things.


I love you guys so much and I really appreciate you guys being a part of this community. It means so, so much to me. I hope that this has enlightened you today, inspired you today. 


Kelley Rowland