Let’s Work Together!!


want a fast-track to success???

Hire a coach!!! Even if it ISN’T me!!! But in case you are curious here’s some more info.

The rundown on how I work with my clients!

  • 30 minute weekly call 

  • Daily voice and text message access for support

  • Weekly content geared to get you to next-level

Here is a list of content that I cover while working with me:

-Powerfully Aligned and Clear Vision 
-Attract Ideal Customer and Client Base 
-Create a Powerful Plan of Action 
-Masterful Marketing 
-Powerful Launching - Create Excitement and Buzz 
-Optimize Workflow - Time Management, Batch Working
-Scale and Plans for Future Growth 
-Brand Beautification
-Mindset Mastery and Confidence Hacks
-Advocate, Ask, and Sell 
-Be the Authority and Own It
-Pinterest for Business 101
-Email List and Freebie Creation -Website Optimization 
-Hype Squad and Grow Your Tribe 
-Comfort Zone Breakthrough



“For 6 years I sat at a desk completely DISSATISFIED where I was at in my career. I wanted out so bad, but was lost. I decided to hire kelley. She made me realize the only person holding me back was myself. we have been working together for a little over 2 months and my life looks so different. i quit my job, started working towards a career i am passionate about, and now i host my own beauty vlog. kelley is my biggest cheerleader. if you’re ready to quit lying to yourself and give people what they need i highly recommend kelley!” -Julia